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Chaathan, a Maoist guerrilla?

Chaathan, a Maoist guerrilla?

A resident of Pulpally Kadukandi Thondikadavu Chekadi, Madhavan aka Chaathan has been in the legal tangles for some time. He is the sole victim of the Maoist raid conducted by the Wayanad Police and is the only aborigine in the wanted list declared by them.

Chaathan is imprisoned for every crime committed in the region, forced with charges with no bail options and remains jailed due to shortage of financial assistance much to the agony of his family members.

He had been a member and activist of the aborigines development council (Adivasi Vikasana Samithi), a committee that had long been vanished. Things started to get worse for Chaathan when he was detained following a demonstration by the aborigines against a priest in the region regarding an incident that took place 15 years ago. The priest had complained about Babu and Mucha, children who stole food from his house out of severe hunger. The boys had gone into hiding ever since. When Babu returned after 15 years, the priest informed the police who sentenced him to prison for six months. This triggered an outbreak.

The High Court of Kerala demanded an explanation from the District Court when the human rights activists took up the issue. Nineteen of them were arrested, the first person being Chaathan despite the lack of evidences. The saga of arrest without explanation and imprisoning has been continuing ever since with occasional court appearances. One has yet to see whether justice knocks on his door.

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