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A story of sex, blackmail and hideout, from the MLA hostel

A story of sex, blackmail and hideout, from the MLA hostel

Recently, the MLA hostel in the capital has been in the headlines for serving as hideout for the accused in the notorious blackmail sex scam bringing about an extreme disgrace for the state.

Jayachandran, the member of the criminal gang who lured people including top businessmen and politicians into sex traps and then blackmailed them demanding huge sums of money, was held by the police on Friday from the hostel room no. 47 rented in the name of former Congress MLA Sharath Chandra Prasad where he had been hiding for several days. Opposition MLAs and youth Committee representatives staged a protest to the hostel demanding serious investigation and immediate action against the criminals. After the latest episode in the ‘blackmail sex scam’ saga, the Opposition has alleged that the incidents may have connection with top magnets.

The police had chased down a gang two weeks ago following the complaints from two NRI Malayalis. The gang led people into traps using women who solicited for the gang and recorded the sexual encounters in high-end hotels in Cochin and other cities later blackmailing the victims for bulky sums. The gang members held by the police on July 11 were Ruksana.B.Das, Bindiya Thomas, advocate Sanilan and Prajeesh Thomas, a resident of Chilavannur Galaxy Apartments in Cochin, Alappuzha, Vaduthala and Udayamperoor respectively. Despite the assurances from the police that the remaining conspirators too would be arrested, they have not been able to make much progress. Adding to this, the accused have already secured bail effortlessly. The sunglasses with hidden cameras and the CDs of the footages have been obtained by the police. According to the media, top political leaders, real estate businessmen and film actors are caught in the videos. The abrupt termination of the investigation and the ease with which the accused gained bail are clear signs of obstructing the inquiry leading to the escape of the criminals. The fact that one of the members was held from the MLA hostel reinforces their strong political links.

Earlier, the solar panel case, better known as the ‘Saritha S.Nair case’, had caused much outrage in the state. The group had acquired crores of rupees by deceiving people in the name of solar panel sales. Several persons from the Chief Minister’s personal staff were alleged to have a role in the case which was much played up by the Opposition and the Opposite factions inside the Congress. The blackmail sex scam, too, is following the same trail. In the context of the Congress revamping as well as the reorganization of the State Cabinet, the issue is sure to be puffed up.

A boom in the real estate industry and the economy has all contributed to the growth of new economic factions who indulge in serious economic and sexual crimes. These groups are backed by the government, politicians and the law makers who are their frequent clients. The connections between the Congress and these groups have often been exposed. The Leftist movement too is in the swirl of controversies; the CPI-M’s Palakkad plenum had admitted the fact.

As long as these crimes are ignored or dismissed off by the concerned authorities and the criminals backed by the government, they will continue to occur. So will be the controversies. These anti social elements will continue to tarnish the society as well as the social lives of the people unless a collective effort to eradicate such crimes is taken.

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