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Let Gaza breathe…

Let Gaza breathe…

It might have been the worst Eid ul Fithr for the Palestinians this year.

With their dear ones getting slaughtered in front of their eyes, homes getting smashed down and all their precious possessions in the debris with no adequate facilities left for the wounded as well as the deceased including hospitals and health centres, the Gazans are literally playing hide and seek with death every moment. Israel is continuing the genocide which it began on July 7, vigorously obliterating Gaza of its inhabitants reducing the rest of the world to the position of mere spectators. Thousands have been killed with at least half of them being women and children. The death tolls are rising. Even the UN refugee camps have failed to be a safe hideout for the Palestinians. Latest reports say that at least 23 people were killed in the shelling on a refugee camp. The number of people killed in the genocide comes up to 1290. Israeli shelling destroyed Gaza’s only power plant cutting off the electricity to the World’s “largest open air prison”. Deprived of food, water and even the basic facilities, the plight of the Palestinians are worsening by day. The Al Aqsa television Channel office may have been destroyed intentionally. Israel had hit the UN refugee camps neglecting the appeal from the international community to spare the Palestinians on the Eid day. Around 1, 80, 000 Palestinians have been seeking asylum in the 83 refugee camps run by the Palestine refugee agency under the UN.

Even after three weeks, the rest of the world including the US and the United Nations has not been able to stop Israel from carrying out the genocide. Israel is a country nurtured and sustained by the US providing it with a financial assistance of two billion dollars and sophisticated weapons every year. Obama’s statement that Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu had refused his appeal to stop the warfare, is contemptible and is plain hypocrisy. Israel fearlessly continues the mass murder with the backing from the United States.

The UN resolutions and the international outcries have all gone useless in the case of this Zionist state. But a sincere and collective attempt needs to be taken so that millions of prayers of the helpless people around the world find their answers. The PLO, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad representatives have agreed to a peace conference in Cairo. But all eyes are on Israel. One has yet to see whether it would stop slaying the innocent Palestinians or continue with the mass murder.

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