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Road to anarchy

Road to anarchy

I was more than horrified seeing those stark shots /video footage of Shiv Sena’s M P Rajan Vichare shoving a roti right into the mouth of a staffer at the Maharashtra Sadan.

Compounding the barbarism was this accompanying factor - the staffer, Arshad, was fasting; and though he was seen pleading yet this parliamentarian seemed in no mood to behave sane or civil. In fact, he seemed defiant even when those shots were splashed; showing the disgusting lows that these parliamentarians can stoop to, the utter lies and layered deceit they can come up with.

Here let also point out that this parliamentarian had no business to behave in this feudal way with any staffer, from any community or caste, Muslim or non - Muslim. And an apology will not do. An apology of sorts is getting forced out, presumably to ‘lessen this controversy ’. In fact, Vichare should be booked and made to eat rotis at the Tihar Jail. Why not! Members of Parliament are elected to serve the citizens and not terrorize them with these barbaric antics and if they do so they ought to be booked.

Pathetic and ironical. Drought-stricken districts of Maharashtra are witnessing hunger and poverty, farmers are killing themselves, and men and women and children sit semi-alive in a malnourished condition, yet this parliamentarian is obsessed with food and more of it. No, he is not talking of the drought, of those malnourished in and around his State! Instead, he is focusing on rotis – whether the rotis served to him are well baked or semi baked, hard or soft, rounded or not so… Shame on him, shame on us, shame on our system for tolerating such representatives!

And this incident brought along another offshoot - those communally charged arguments that erupted in the Parliament. BJP’s Ramesh Bidhuri dragged along this particular one - liner, ‘Go to Pakistan …’ and this is not the first time. In fact, several right-wing politicians have been mouthing similar obnoxious stuff. And they seem to get away, with just about an apology. Mind you, an apology forced on them. Shouldn’t they be booked for communal unleash and for terrorizing a community.

In fact, right-wing’s communal agenda is writ large. Right from the Maharashtra Sadan where a staffer observing ‘roza’ was force -fed. Then, the controversy brewing around Sania Mirza’s brand ambassadorship of Telengana: Bypassing the trophies to her, this third-class controversy has been created by the BJP. Labeling her to be the daughter-in-law of Pakistan! They seem to have forgotten that she is a daughter of India!

Right-wing politicians have thrown away those facades and masks and camouflages. They don’t need them anyone. They have managed to outsmart the electorate and reach the centre-stage, to help the BJP-RSS complete its agenda. Didn’t you hear Dipak Dhavalikar’s (BJP’s ally in Goa) this comment - Modi is all set to make India a Hindu rashtra!

Have you bothered to ponder where these communally charged policies are leading us… leading us towards anarchy and civil strife and divisions. Also, have you bothered to question the government of the day on the ‘why’ it has retained the Ministry for Minority Affairs and also the National Commission for the Minorities. Why this façade! Shouldn’t the BJP disband these frilly facades? After all, no member of this Commission and nor the concerned Minister, Najma Heptullah, murmur even a word in protest when that Shiv Sena MP was force feeding the Maharashtra Sadan staffer. And not a murmur of protest when Sania Mirza was labeled and tagged!

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