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US looking forward to working with new Egyptian govt

US looking forward to working with new Egyptian govt

Washington: The US is looking forward to work with the new Egyptian government and hopes that the country’s President-elect Mohammed Mursi will take steps to advance national unity, uphold universal values and respect
the rights of his citizen, the White House said.

“We look forward to working together with President-elect Mursi and the government he forms to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

He said, the US hopes Mursi would take steps to advance the national unity, uphold universal values and respect the rights of all Egyptian citizens, including women and religious minorities such as Coptic Christians.

Defending the Obama Administration’s decision to support Mursi, which is being criticised by the Republicans, Carney said we judge individuals and parties that are “elected in a democratic process by their actions, not by their religious affiliations”.

I would point you to the comments that President-elect Mursi made, the commitments he made to upholding civil rights, including of women and Coptic Christians — principles that we very much think are important, he argued.

The US’ commitment to the revolution that began in Egypt was to a process that provides for a transition to democracy that was transparent, he said.

“We congratulate the Egyptian people on this milestone as part of that process,” he added.

When asked if he has any concern that the rise of Muslim Brotherhood could set back relations between Egypt and Israel, Carney said the US judges individuals and parties on their actions once in office rather than their religious affiliations.

“I would simply note that in his address to the Egyptian people on Sunday, President-elect Mursi acknowledged that Egypt would continue to uphold its treaty obligations — a treaty that is, of course, of great importance is the one that it has with Israel,” he said.

“We believe it is essential for the Egyptian government to continue to fill Egypt’s role as a pillar of regional peace, security and stability. We will continue to emphasise this message with the new government and structure our engagement accordingly,” Carney said.

The White House official said the US looks forward to discussing a range of issues, including its regional security concerns, with the new government.

“Now, it is perfectly appropriate for a nation like Egypt to have relations with its neighbours. But again, we look to Egypt to continue its significant role as a pillar of regional peace and stability,” he said when asked about reports that new Egyptian Government may want to restore ties with Iran.

“It is appropriate for a nation like Egypt to have relations with other nations in the region. The issue that I think we are focused on is that Egypt continues to fulfill its role as a pillar of regional security and peace and stability,” he said.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland told reporters that the President-elect not only has to form a government, but there has to be a resolution to the issues surrounding the seating of a constitutional assembly that can write a constitution and get to a democratically elected parliament.

“So there are a lot of issues ahead, and yes, it is going to be challenging. Egypt is going to need our support, it’s going to need the international community’s support, but all of these steps and all of the actors involved need to be true to the spirit and the values that spurred Egypt to this point,” she said.

“We look forward to talking to President-elect Mursi and his whole government about Egypt’s relationships in the neighbourhood going forward, its upholding of all of its international obligations, including obligations vis-à-vis Iran,” Nuland said.


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