Opposition moves privilege notice against PC George

Thiruvananthapuram:  V S Sunil Kumar MLA on Wednesday moved a breach of privilege notice against the government Chief Whip P C George for his reported statement that the adjournment motion raised by the Opposition on the issue of the reclaiming of the estate lands was sponsored by Minister for Forests and Environment Ganesh Kumar.

Ganesh Kumar, while replying a charge raised by V Chenthamarakshan MLA, had told the Assembly that the government was ready to reclaim such estates.

Following it, the government Chief Whip P C George had Tuesday lashed out at K B Ganesh Kumar accusing him of misinforming the Assembly of the reclaiming of the estate lands that have violated the title deed agreements.

The Opposition had accused the government of helping the estate owners by decisively failing in cases related to violation of title deed agreements. It also accused Chief Whip P C George being behind the move.

Leader of the Opposition V S Achuthanandan demanded a legislative committee to be formed to enquire into the matter. The Opposition on Tuesday staged a walkout in the Assembly over the issue.