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With a day to go, Obama-Romney war of words reaches climax

With a day to go, Obama-Romney war of words reaches climax

Washington: With just a day to go for the US presidential elections, both contestants - incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney - are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters and were engaged in a heated exchange of words in their final leg of campaigning.

President Obama, and his challenger Romney were engaged in a blistering attack against each other as they hopped on and off across the battle ground States in their last ditch effort to convince Americans to vote for them tomorrow.

Both the leaders held events in four states.

While Obama was joined by charismatic Bill Clinton -– his star campaigner -– Romney went to Pennsylvania in an effort to expand the battle ground States.

"If you believe we can do better, if you believe America should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, then I ask you to vote for real change. Paul Ryan and I will bring real change to America on Day One," Romney said.

The Republican accused Obama of "failing to deliver" despite making promises, and claimed he had a better record that the President when it came to fulfilling the promises.

"Accomplishing real change is not something I just talk about. It is something I have done and it is something I will do as President of the US," Romney said again.

"You have watched what has happened in this country over the last four years with an independent voice. You hoped that President Obama would live up to his promise to bring people together to solve big problems but he hasn't and I will," Romney had said in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, Romney's claims were hammered by not only Obama, but also Clinton during their election meetings.

The Obama campaign had termed Romney a "salesman" who was "repackaging" old ideas to present them as new.

"If you listen to what Governor Romney says, it basically is: Be very, very disappointed, because not every problem has been solved; not everyone who wants a job has one; not everyone's income is rising. Be disappointed. Forget what caused it. Don't pay too much attention to what our solutions are. Just be disappointed -- and look at me, I look like a

President. And I talk like one. And I'm telling you it's all going to be all right if you elect me," he said.

In Florida Obama said this election is not just a choice between two parties or candidates, but a choice between "different visions" of America.

"On the one hand, you can choose the return to the top-down policies that crashed our economy or you can join me in building a future that focuses on a strong and growing middle class," he said.


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