Life lessons learnt at the dining table

Moral Story

Anil Bishwas was a successful businessman in Calicut. He ran a chain of shops that sold all kinds of things.  However, his only son Ravi, a young boy, was lazy and fun loving.    Money always slinked through his hands. He was of no help to the family either.  

Anil was sad about his son’s reckless way; he wanted his son to learn about the value of labour.  One day he called his son and said, “from today onwards you will be given meals at night only if you will bring some earning for that day”.

Confused and annoyed, however realising that his father was serious, Ravi approached his mother and told everything. The mother did not want the boy to get troubled or skip his night meal. So she gave him a gold coin.

At night on the dinner table Anil asked the boy about his earning for the day. Ravi promptly presented that gold coin. Seeing the gold coin, Anil understood that Ravi did not earn the money himself. He asked Ravi to throw the coin into the well. Without any hesitation the boy flung the money in the well and then had his meal. The next day, the mother went out to town for shopping.

He knew that his mother wouldn’t be around to give him money.  He instead talked his grandfather into giving him some coins.  When his father asked about the money late at night, Ravi gave him the coin. Anil again told the boy to throw it into the well. Without hesitation, he did as he was told to do.  The next day the latter went out so that the boy wouldn’t come to him for money. This time there was no one to help Ravi and he went to the market in search of work. After much struggle a shopkeeper agreed to give him work. The boy had to carry a trunk for which he would be paid Rs 10. By the time he finished, he was drenched in sweat, his feet trembling and neck and back aching. Back home, at dinner Ravi presented the money when his father asked. Even this time Anil asked him to throw it into the well. But the boy refused as he couldn’t imagine throwing his hard earned money. He broke down. ‘ entire body is aching and you are telling me to throw the money away’?

Anil smiled as the boy realised his mistake and understood the value of hard work and labour.