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Communal concerns rise over 'Razakar' movie teaser ahead of Telangana Assembly polls

Communal concerns rise over Razakar movie teaser ahead of Telangana Assembly polls

Hyderabad: BJP using movies for election campaigns is not a new phenomenon. Earlier movies like 'Kashmir Files' and 'Kerala Story,' which earned criticism for their propagandistic nature, have been used in election campaigns across the country. Leaders promoting such films have often been seen as part of their divisive agenda.

As the Assembly election nears in Telangana, another alleged propaganda movie based on the erstwhile Hyderabad's Razakars is coming to the fore, a teaser of which was released on Sunday and had already been criticized as an attempt to stoke communal tensions.

The teaser garnered millions of views within hours, coinciding with what the BJP refers to as 'Hyderabad Liberation Day.' The film claims to shed light on the alleged atrocities committed against the people of erstwhile Hyderabad by the Razakars, a volunteer paramilitary force under the Nizam's rule.

MBT spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan has called the film "distorted history and pure imagination" and has demanded a ban, fearing it could incite hatred among communities.

On Monday, September 18, political strategists and columnists joined the chorus of concerns, appealing to the Telangana government to intervene and halt the movie's release. Critics argue that the film is based on fake propaganda and could further polarize communities.

Some citizens have taken to social media to express their unease. One individual accused the movie makers of manipulating history, replacing Muslim victims with Hindus to sow discord. Another alleged that Mecca Masjid images were misused in conjunction with pro-Muslim slogans.

"The makers are up with a new manipulated history where Muslim victims are replaced with Hindus to spread more hate and vilify Muslims," wrote one concerned citizen.

However, amidst the controversy, there are voices urging for unity. One netizen reminded that the suffering during that period was not limited to any one community, saying, "It was not about Hindu-Muslim bro, all were affected bro, Aman ki Aasha Brooo."

To understand the context, the Razakars were a volunteer paramilitary force established in 1938 in the Hyderabad state under Nizam's rule. Led by figures such as Bahadur Yar Jung and Qasim Razvi, the force expanded significantly during the time of India's independence. Following the integration of erstwhile Hyderabad into the Indian Union, Qasim Razvi was initially jailed and later granted asylum in Pakistan.

As the controversy rages on, 'Razakar' remains a focal point for discussion, raising questions about the role of cinema in portraying historical events and the impact it can have on societal harmony.

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