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'KozhiPunk'-A satirical cover up points figure to 'Fake promise' in contemporary politics

KozhiPunk-A satirical cover up points figure to Fake promise in contemporary politics

'KozhiPunk' is a musical coverup with motion graphics representation which deeply gives insight into the socio-political scenario of Indian politics. The cover version of 'KozhiPunk' is released on social media platforms on November 5.

The significant video attempt was made by a group of artists under Misfit Folks company Productions with an intention to expose the corruption and intolerant activities that prevalent among contemporary Indian society.

The motion graphic feast criticizes the fallacious promise given by political parties while campaigning for election. It critically analyzes the way in which elected representatives failed to fulfil the demands of ordinary citizens.

'KozhiPunk is a famous poem written by renowned poet K Satchidanandan which narrates in uncomplicated lyrics a chicken which says

"You can divide my chicken

But give me the sharp beak

You can divide my chicken

But give me the rooster comb

Give me the lucky red seed-like eyes"

See the video here

The thinly veiled criticism reminds us of the exploitation of the common man by the power centres by using rooster as a metaphor all over the poem. The Rooster can be any fallacious promise that a manipulative partner or a political party slathers us with only to leave us bereft of our time and resources.

The cover video 'KozhiPunk'made the effort to depict the matching possibility of poem's interpretation and inner meaning with contemporary socio-political satire. The last part of the poem gives an insight to non- existing things which can correlate with fake promises abundantly given by political party representatives and power centers of Indian administration. Celebrities have shared 'KozhiPunk' in their social media accounts.

Speaking to Madhyamam, Akhil Rag, the concept maker of KozhiPunk said "As a responsible citizen we should debate and discuss the intolerance happening now in India. "Let's divide it and share" this is a tactical move by the dominant centre."

"Through this cover video we tried to bring out false promises that can be given by a partner, political party or anybody else. By this Misfit folks are focusing to give a political version. Contemporary politics and how it is misleading people in India." added Rag

"How minorities in India are getting lynched and attacked by dominant powers? How does demonetization affect Indian middle class and lower-class population? Through the effort we truly wanted to cover up all these issues. We wanted to provide a deep thought to audience that these corrupted ways of promises are happening in a democratic setting. By watching this people will start analyzing the things in deep. Moreover that, if intolerance and fraudulent activities occur in India there should be someone to criticize it. Our idea to make a cover video developed from that thought" He further adds.

The contemporary relevance of the video and the ideas and protests portrayed in it are at a level that motivates the audience to watch and evaluate the video more than once.

Akhil Rag K provided the concept, editing, motion graphics and sound effects for the video. Vipin Das starred in the video, Cinematography is done by Subhash Kumaraswamy and additional editing done by Shinu M Sunny.

Aditya K and Geethu Venugopal have done the digital drawing for the video, the creative support given by Paul Varghese. Asif Mohammad handles title designing and Nidhin V Shankar handles publicity designing to the satirical cover video KozhiPunk.

Misfit Folks are expecting to make documentaries and other works in future that have socio political relevance in contemporary society.

Directed by Abhilash S Kumar and created by Muhsin Parari,See the original version of Kozhipunk here :

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