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Sugar-coated bitter #Home
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Sugar-coated bitter #Home


Rojin Thomas directorial #Home is a feel-good depiction of an upper-middle-class family from Trivandrum. The story revolves around Oliver Twist, a technologically challenged dad, who strives to fit in with his sons, yearning for their love. Indrans has played the role so brilliantly that he successfully convinced the audience of the character's emotional forlorn. All characters were accurately placed, and the cast was the icing on the cake. Performances by Manju Pillai and Naslen as Kuttiyamma and Charles, respectively, also deserve applause.

The character of Sreenath Bhasi, Antony Oliver Twist, is a film director who succeeded in making his venture film a hit but struggles to complete his second film. He is a man who combats himself and has a lot of hustles, both internal and external. He is in a constant brawl with the people in his life and around him. His relationship with his girlfriend Priya and the professional commitments he holds are a mess. The character returns home at a point when he is unable to handle himself. Even at home, he treats his parents, especially his father, with despise. Antony is an evident example of a narcissistic person with a superiority complex. He mistreats people dependent on him or in need of him and respects those who are more successful. A robust example is the difference in the ways he treats his father-in-law and father. Antony respects his father-in-law for the achievements that he has won in life, but not for the love he holds for him. He ignores his own father for the reason that Oliver hasn't done anything extraordinary with his life. Priya, his girlfriend, is also a victim of Antony's mistreatment. He disses and humiliates her before her friends as an authority. Antony is a man who blames and insults others for the mediocre craft he presents. He blames the artist who denies his script and lashes out derogatorily in private.

The movie is about the helpless father trying to convince his toxic son about his love and affection. Oliver Twist yearns for his son's validation and attention but fails frequently. He succeeds to earn it only when Antony realises that one of his experiences from the past is as respectful and acknowledgeable as extraordinary. In the end, instead of realising his toxic traits, Antony exudes a message that a home is a place where he can be imperfect.

But is home indeed a place to display your frustrations and anger, expecting the family members to suffer and tolerate it? A person's mental health strongly depends upon their surroundings and the childhood they endured. Home plays a crucial role in moulding and sustaining it. So, it's not okay to be intentionally imperfect at home and back it with the excuse that it's the only place where we could be accepted despite anything. We hear the same theory as the toxic husband from the recently released The Great Indian Kitchen when Antony Oliver Twist says, "A home is a place where I could be imperfect".

Talking about technicalities, the movie is a spectacular craft with a perfect mixture of music by Rahul Subrahmanian and alluring visuals by Neil' D' Cuncha. Editing by Prejish Prakash also stood out.

In total, #Home is a visually aesthetic experience that bottles an old wine in a new bottle which underlines the holy family concept where no one is judged and criticised inside.

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