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Shakira attacked by a rat while filming mermaid-themed music video


Colombian singer Shakira was faced with an “attack” by a rat during a video shoot. She also needed the help of a crane to get out of a tank in the same set.

She recently encountered a series of unexpected challenges while filming her latest music video for the song 'Copa Vacia,' where she portrayed a mermaid. The 46-year-old singer took to Instagram to share the amusing and eventful incidents that occurred during the shoot.

In the video shared on her Instagram account, Shakira can be seen dressed as a mermaid with pink hair, lying amidst a pile of trash. However, an uninvited guest in the form of a rat disrupted the shoot. The furry intruder approached Shakira, causing her to scream and jump up hurriedly, leaving her hair extensions behind.

Trapped in the mermaid costume, Shakira struggled to escape from the rat's presence, while the curious rodent explored the remnants of her pink wig. The video humorously captures the incident, and the singer aptly captioned it, "Cosas que le pasan hasta a las sirenas (Things that happen even to mermaids)."

The music video for the single 'Copa Vacia,' released in June, narrates the story of a mermaid taken from her ocean home and put on display in a tank. The song features fellow Colombian singer Manuel Turizo.

On Instagram, Shakira shared with her followers the challenges she faced while portraying the mermaid. In a subsequent Instagram broadcast, she explained how her mermaid character "sacrifices a lot for love, ending up in the trash amongst rats, but thankfully finds herself in her natural habitat."

The singer also revealed that during filming, she encountered difficulty getting out of the tank, leading the production staff to come to her rescue. "The fish tank broke, the set began to flood, and they had to take me out of there," Shakira told Hola! "I couldn't go out because I had a mermaid tail, and I couldn't climb out." Eventually, a crane had to be used to safely remove her from the wreckage.

Shakira humorously recounted how Manuel Turizo had jokingly warned her about the tank breaking, a prediction that surprisingly came true despite the singer's belief in impeccable safety standards on set.

The video garnered reactions from Shakira's fans, who left light-hearted comments and playful remarks. Despite the mishaps, Shakira is grateful that the incident turned into a mere anecdote. She also expressed her relief at being able to share the story with everyone.

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