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Wes Anderson opens up about viral Instagram and TikTok trend inspired by his filmmaking style

Wes Anderson

The distinctive filmmaking style of renowned Hollywood director Wes Anderson has many fans across the world and now, TikTok and Instagram have taken inspiration from it. In recent months, a new trend has emerged, with fans of Anderson and even those unfamiliar with his work attempting to replicate his unique aesthetic. However, the iconic director is indifferent.

Anderson is Known for his extraordinary sets, impeccable directorial skills, and captivating storytelling.

The social media trend has prompted users to begin filming their everyday lives through the lens of a Wes Anderson movie. From carefully composed symmetrical shots to the incorporation of Anderson's signature elements, the trend aimed to capture the essence of his filmography. However, some people just hopped on the trend without knowing anything about his style and just used shots with the trending audio.

When asked about the trend in a conversation with The Daily Beast, Anderson expressed his perspective and said he has chosen not to actively participate.

"I’ve only been exposed to it verbally. I haven’t seen any of it. Obviously, it’s easy for me to go to the right web page and see it. I choose not to really engage," Anderson said. during the interview. He added that he preferred not to be "distracted" by it and compared it to hearing about someone doing a great impression of oneself. He stated, "Maybe you say, I’d really like to see it, and maybe you say, I don’t want to see a version of me, even if it’s good. It can be like, ‘Is that me?’ That’s not necessarily the thing you want." The filmmaker also revealed that he has never personally used TikTok and has not watched any TikTok videos to date. "But I’ve never seen a TikTok, for instance, of anything. I’m not going to start with me."

Many social media creators have adopted Anderson's signature techniques, including zoom lens cuts, symmetrical frames, and carefully selected music. People incorporated these elements into mundane activities like having brunch with friends, offering a whimsical Wes Anderson-inspired twist. The trend quickly gained momentum, with countless individuals creating their own versions. In no time, thousands of videos emulating Anderson's style flooded TikTok and Instagram showcasing the widespread admiration for the director's distinct aesthetic.

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