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Secrets for happy and healthy old age

Secrets for happy and healthy old age

As old age approaches, people usually stop work and live off a pension attained through years of service slowly withdrawing into their shell.

They ignore the effects of stopping work, the lack of income, interaction and sense of purpose. While a few use retirement as a time to do something new such as travel, charity or do that one thing you’ve never been able to do before, others follow a dull and colorless routine.

Most of us can expect to live to at least 80, so there are years to fill with something new. Studies show that being lonely increases the chances of developing depression and serious illness. People tend to stay indoors without interaction and with families less likely to live close together nowadays and an increase in divorce, leave the retired to cope alone. Things get worse when they get ill.

Experts have revealed that following a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and interacting with family members and friends are the rules for a happy and healthy old age. Instead of spending a day sitting or lying down, get a walk to the neighborhood or town, meet people and build friendship. Even if it’s a stroll alone, it can cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Excersise regularly if you can and walk more if health permits. Take time out with your dear ones for an occassional dining out or shopping.

Engage in habits like reading and music and can even pay your bills instead of paying them online. It is never too late to quit smoking. It doesn’t matter what age we stop, it increases our life expectancy. Smoking damages your lungs increasing the risk for cancer and invites the chances for dementia. Cut down on oil and include fruits and green leafy vegetable in your diet. Taking milk can increase the calcium levels strengthening your bones. Always look good and feel good. Above all, mingle, interact and share with your family. It can change your life bringing about happiness.

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