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Have a coffee via your smartphone!

Have a coffee via your smartphone!

London: Smartphones are soon to control every inch of our life, so why not coffee?

A Danish company, Scanomat, has created a coffee system controlled by a smartphone.

The "Top Brewer" looks like a humble water faucet sitting on a counter. The coffee grinder, milk and all other machinery deceptively hide under the counter, out of sight but ready in seconds.

Users select the kind of coffee through their phone or tablets, select the amount of coffee, number of cups and milk needed and just press the button.

Filter coffee pours out in 15 seconds and espresso is dispensed in 25 seconds, Scanomat said in a statement on its website.

The machine can also steam vegetables and dispense hot water for brewing tea.

"The 'Top Brewer' is aimed at stylish restaurants and star hotels that want a nice-looking coffee machine hiding in plain sight," the website said.

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