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Delhiites the biggest spenders in the country

Delhiites the biggest spenders in the country

Delhiites are the biggest spenders in the country says a report on household consumer expenditure released by the Delhi government on Friday.

The capital’s monthly per capita expenditure of Rs. 3,842 in 2011-12 was the highest in India. The average monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) in Delhi (urban) has increased from Rs 2,905 in 2010 to Rs 3,842 in 2012, compared to a national average of Rs 2,630, according to the report prepared under National Sample Survey for July 2011-June 2012.

In urban areas of Haryana, the monthly per capita expenditure was Rs.3,817, while in Gujarat it was Rs 2,581. In Kerala, it was Rs 3,408, Punjab spent Rs. 2,794 while Uttar Pradesh had a monthly per capita expenditure of Rs 2,051.

The report on Household Consumer Expenditure states that in the urban areas of Delhi, about 39 percent of the MPCE was on food items. The break-up for the spending under food items reveals that 11 percent was spent on milk and milk products, 6 per cent on cereals and pulses, 2 per cent on edible oils, 5 per cent on vegetables, 3 per cent on fresh and dry fruits, etc.

In the non-food items category, accounting for 61 per cent of MPCE, about 6 per cent was on fuel and light, 6 per cent on clothing and bedding, 8 per cent on education, 3 per cent on medical, 6 per cent on rent and 1 per cent on pan, tobacco and intoxicants.

However, at the national level (urban area), food items have a 43 per cent share of the average MPCE while 57 per cent of the spending was on non-food items. The per capita monthly consumption of wheat in urban areas of Delhi is 6.79kg and rice is 1.48kg as compared to 4.32kg and 4.66kg, respectively, in the urban areas at the national level.

About 6 per cent (2.64 lakh) of the total households are being headed by female members of the family. Out of the total female population (79.60 lakh) in Delhi, about 52 per cent (42 lakh) are married and 41 per cent (32.46 lakh) unmarried; 6 per cent (4.72 lakh) are widows and 0.84 per cent (0.67 lakh) divorced or separated.

The distribution of occupation for households reveals that 56 per cent (23.43 lakh) were regular salaried ones followed by 35 per cent (14.84 lakh) self-employed households. Five per cent (1.90 lakh) households are in the category of casual labour.

About 64 per cent (26.72 lakh) of the households were living in their own property, whereas 34 per cent (14.44 lakh) were occupying rented/hired houses.

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