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Act of destiny changes his life

Act of destiny changes his life

The story of 10-yr-old Ankit Bhartiya is no less than fantasy. Almost a year back, like any other day, he was driving his second hand bicycle on the lanes of Kaushambi. There was an acting institute on that lane too. He happened to fall down from his bicycle in front of the acting institute. The Director of the Institute was standing outside and helped Ankit in cleaning the dirt and getting up. In the process of doing so, Director Vijay Bhardwaj observed Ankit’s face and asked him to show his left and rightcheek. Vijay asked Ankit if he was interested in acting. Ankit candidly replied, “yes” and got the breakthrough into the film industry.

Vijay Bhardwaj gives free training to Ankit and trains him along with the other rich students who come to learn acting.

Ankit has acted in three Bollywood films ‘Sainibaba’, ‘Just 30 minutes’ and ‘Tumheana Padega Duniyamei Dobara.’ He has also participated in Kids TV reality show ‘No 1 Dramebaaz’ which is telecasted on E 24 channel.

But, when you see this kid carrying a lot of plastic cans on his father’s rickshaw to fill water from a nearby bungalow, it surely makes you think.

Ankit says, once he will start earning, he will not allow her mother to work as a maid servant. He doesn’t like his mother cleaning utensils in other people’s houses.

Ankit’s father earns just Rs 250/day by pulling his cycle rickshaw. But, he is happy to see his child’s growth. The neighbours believe “Ankit would surely do something extraordinary in his life.” The shades of his success have begun to be seen.

Ankit has been shortlisted for a Dabur ad with Amitabh Bachchan.

Ankit was not going to school when he joined the acting academy. He couldn’t even read the film scripts and dialogues. Vijay and his co-Director Steffi Bhardwazthen, motivated him to go to school and study. Ankit is now studying in a government school in second standard. Despite poor education facilities, he speaks good English.

What many dream of, Ankit has got it by destiny, coincided with his talent. Even in his dreams, Ankit’s parents wouldn’t have thought to make their son a film actor.

While speaking to this child, it was clear that his understanding was highly matured. Although, he is just 10 but he talks like a 25 year old.

We asked Ankit, what would he do, if he gets a lot of money, Ankit replied, “I would first construct a house in my village in UP as my mud house got washed away by rain. I would then build a house for my parents in Delhi and then I would buy a house for myself in Mumbai because I love that city.”

Ankit is currently living in a temporary structure on an encroachment in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. We asked Ankit what major change he would like to see in his city. He replied, “He wants the government to give a house to every poor person. Because, poor people’s house can be bulldozed any day and then, they are forced to live under the open sky, be it itching hot or biting cold.”

“He is a smart, candid and a talkative boy. And, these are the qualities which you need to be an actor. Ankit surely has a big bright future,” says Steffi Bhardwaz, who has mentored Ankit.

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