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Meet Palestine's youngest reporter

Meet Palestines youngest reporter

What a young girl can do in the Israel-Palestine conflict? The young girls are innocent faces of the conflict. But, they are not ready to stay calm. A 10-year-old girl from Palestine wants to deliver the voice of her people to the world. It all began when she saw her friend being killed by the Israeli forces. This is the story of Janna Jihad.

Armed with a handheld video camera, Janna Jihad tells the world what happens in her village, which is a hotspot of the conflict. This young girl has been reporting from Palestine about the regular conflicts with Israeli soldiers, filming video on a camera phone and posting it online, for two to three years now.

“I started doing my reports in the demonstrations, like before three years ago in the demonstrations there was no enough journalists to cover the things that happened, like when my friend have been dead and when, like, a lot of people have been injured,” she says.

“When we started to go out for marches there weren’t a lot of photographers with us so I had an idea to document and deliver our message. The message of all Palestinians and Palestinian children to the world so they come to support us and to free Palestine and live under freedom and get our rights,” she told Reuters.

"The occupation is depriving us even from the most important right, which is the right to live, the right of swimming in the sea. When we go to school we always get delayed at barriers, which make us late for lessons at school. We want to live in freedom so when we walk in the street no settler will run us over. We want to feel that our land is secure and that we can walk in the street or on the hills anywhere without having Zionists shooting us or settlers running us over," she says.

Jana's mother, Nawal Tamimi, said her daughter's activism is a result of growing up surrounded by conflict.

"Our home is at the entrance of the village we are in the center of the events where the clashes take place and where the firing of tear gas and other grenades take place as well, so she grew up with fear and pain," she told Reuters TV.

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