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Ajit Doval hails India’s religious tolerance, Muslim World League chief says it’s a global model

Ajit Doval hails India’s religious tolerance, Muslim World League chief says it’s a global model

New Delhi: Amid the reported persecution faced by minorities, particularly the Muslim community in India, the National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval at an event attended by the Secretary General of the Muslim World League hailed India’s inclusive and diverse nature.

He also highlighted India's commitment to religious harmony and its contribution to promoting peace and tolerance on a global scale.

During his address, NSA Ajit Doval underscored India's unique position as an inclusive democracy that values the rights and contributions of all its citizens. He stated that Islam holds a special place in India, highlighting that the Indian Muslim population alone is equivalent to the membership of 33 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Islamic Saudi Arabian scholar and Secretary General of the Muslim World League Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, in his speech, commended India's diverse society as a great model for coexistence among different religions.

He also praised the values of Islam, promoting peace and tolerance among its followers. Al-Issa highlighted that India's commitment to secularism, despite being a Hindu-majority country, is commendable, and he appreciated the efforts made towards fostering interfaith harmony.

NSA Doval further emphasized India's role as a sanctuary for persecuted people from around the world. He reiterated India's commitment to promoting tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation to address the challenges of the present time. Doval also stressed that the involvement of Indian citizens in global terrorism has been exceptionally low, reflecting the responsible nature of India as a nation.

Highlighting the strong ties between India and Saudi Arabia, Doval expressed pride in the cultural values that connect the two nations. He acknowledged Al-Issa's deep understanding of Islam, the religions of the world, and his continuous efforts towards interfaith harmony. Doval credited Al-Issa's leadership for preventing extremist ideologies from influencing the younger generation.

Al-Issa, in turn, acknowledged the common objective of peaceful coexistence among diverse components and appreciated India's efforts in this regard. He commended India's wisdom, which has contributed significantly to humanity, and acknowledged the shared values of peace and stability that exist between Hindu and Muslim leaders, including spiritual figures such as Sadh Guru and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Both leaders reiterated their commitment to spreading a message of peace to the world, showcasing the importance of dialogue and understanding in fostering harmonious coexistence.

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