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Company that pulled out 41 workers from tunnel hail Hindu-Muslim joint effort

Company that pulled out 41 workers from tunnel hail Hindu-Muslim joint effort

In a remarkable display of unity and resilience, a diverse team of workers from Delhi-based Rockwell Enterprises played a pivotal role in the dramatic rescue of 41 trapped workers in Uttarakhand.

The head of the company, Vaqeel Hasan, emphasized the harmony within his team, comprising both Hindus and Muslims, who worked tirelessly to save lives, highlighting the need to be united to give 100 per cent for the country, as per a report published in The Indian Express.

The challenging rescue mission unfolded when a drilling machine malfunctioned, prompting 12 individuals from Rockwell Enterprises to step in. Hailing from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr, these skilled workers, often referred to as "rat-hole miners," demonstrated their expertise in navigating narrow pipes and excavating soil—a proficiency honed through their work with the Delhi Jal Board.

The team, consisting of individuals aged between 20 and 45, worked relentlessly in cramped conditions, digging approximately 12 meters in just 26-27 hours, a task that would typically take 10-15 days.

Their commitment was fueled by the awareness that the lives of the trapped workers hung in the balance, with the pressure of saving lives motivating them to push their physical limits.

Hasan explained that their usual job involves entering pipes like mice, where two workers collaborate—one digging while the other fills buckets with excavated soil. This technique, essential for their work with the Delhi Jal Board, proved invaluable in the high-stakes rescue operation.

What set this mission apart was the global attention and the urgency to save lives. Hasan noted that more than 140 crore people, along with the entire world, were counting on them. The team worked in four shifts of six hours each, showcasing not only their technical skills but also their remarkable stamina.

Hasan also highlighted that the mission was not about financial gain for the team. They did not accept any money or salary for their heroic efforts, viewing the rescue as a mission to save lives rather than just another job.

While they did receive travel fare from the company that called them for assistance, their primary motivation was the sense of duty to humanity.

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