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Heroic elderly man rescues electrocuted child in Varanasi, watch video

Heroic elderly man rescues electrocuted child in Varanasi, watch video

Varanasi: An elderly man emerged as a true hero when he saved the life of a 4-year-old child who found himself in a perilous situation after being electrocuted and falling into electrified water in Varanasi.

The incident, which was captured in a viral video circulating on social media, showcased the child's desperate struggle to escape the electrified water after an accidental fall. Several bystanders attempted to rescue the child, but their efforts were met with electric shocks, leaving them paralyzed with fear.

The turning point occurred when an e-rickshaw happened to pass by the scene. Upon witnessing the child's dire predicament, passengers disembarked, and a group of courageous elderly individuals rushed to help. Despite their best efforts, they too experienced electric shocks when attempting to reach the child.

One of the elderly men managed to halt the traffic on the road to prevent further accidents. Another quick-thinking individual grabbed a cloth to try and reach the child. However, their attempts remained futile as the child continued to struggle in the electrified water.

Approximately a minute into the agonizing ordeal, an observant elderly person noticed a wooden stick nearby. With a sense of urgency, he called for the stick and, armed with it, reached out to the child who clutched the stick.

Though the stick initially slipped from the child's grasp when the elderly hero attempted to pull him out, the determined rescuer did not give up. He placed the stick in the water once more, and this time, the child held on firmly. With the child securely gripping the stick, he was successfully extricated from the treacherous waters.

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