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Ruhel Islam

A board which was erected after Gandhi Mahal was burned down(left) and Ruhel Islam at his restaurant

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'Gandhiji belongs to us and not them', reminds Gandhi Mahal's Ruhel Islam


There may be those who argue that Mahatma Gandhi is old fashioned and should be disregarded. But remember that Gandhiji belongs to us and not them. At a period when the assassins are celebrated and appreciated after martyrdom, Bangaladesh native, Ruhel Islam and his family in America are embracing the Gandhian lessons.

We are familiar with Ruhel. The same person who responded that 'let the building be burnt down but let justice be carried out', when his breadwinning restaurant named Gandhi Mahal was set ablaze in the U.S during the black lives matter protest that broke out after the murder of African-American, George Floyd Dean.

Ruhel, also the father of Hafsa proclaimed that those who worked to protect the restaurant need not be worried, assuring that the restaurant will return to normalcy after renovation.

As Hafsa suggested, he also started a new restaurant in the name ' Curry in a Hurry. Like before, Gandhian principles are strongly resonating and brimming in their minds and activities.Stories of his father meeting Mahatma Gandhi, before partition was narrated to him by his uncle during his childhood days.

Ruhail told Madhyamam how Gandhiji's attempt and dedication to create a world based on non-violence had inspired him ever since then. He also added how he never calls the police when anyone visits the restaurant and creates a ruckus. Instead, he would serve them with food and they would return in peace. He would make sure that the ones living in his surroundings haven't slept with an empty stomach.

Ruhel and Gandhi Mahal are active in organic farming and secular organisations.

Ruhel who describes the violence that happened in the American Parliament as cheap politics believes that regardless of who rules the country, a nation can be brought into the right track if good-natured and fearless citizens are there.

He also added that American will have no choice but to come out of its racial past which includes a long history such as the killing of George Floyd, grabbing land from the Asians and brutally torturing the African population.He also spoke about the injustice being done to farmers in India.

He said, 'They are at the heart of the economy. No matter how much military security is put in place, the country is in danger if food security does not exist. It is cruel if the farmers who work 24 hours a day do not get what they deserve. India shouldn't forget the Gandhian words that a society can be evaluated concerning how they treat the most vulnerable sections of society.'

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