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Kerala MPs, MLAs call Prof Hanys detention human rights violation, seek justice
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Kerala MPs, MLAs call Prof Hany's detention human rights violation, seek justice


It has almost been ten months now since Prof M T Hany Babu, an assistant professor at Delhi University, has been in Mumbai jail after being falsely implicated in the Bhima Koregaon-Elgar Parishad case.

Voices demanding his release have been raised from the socio and political realm after sensing serious injustice in this case but all fell in the deaf ears of the government. Now, MPs and MLAs from Kerala joined a campaign along with other activists, seeking justice for Prof M.T Hany.

A statement signed by over 50 dignitaries from various political and academic circles condemned the state-sponsored assault on the civil rights of Hany Babu and other accused in the Bhīma Koregaon-Elgar Parishad case. They termed the case was formed on canard and fabricated on baseless claims.

The statement accused the right-wing of trying to suppress all voices against their Savarna Hindutva ideologies by hunting intellectuals like Hany Babu, who are committed to the cause of the downtrodden.

It urged to start raising voices for Hany Babu and many other innocents who are languishing in jails as victims of the state hunt and also pointed out the need to put aside differences and raise voices for justice together.

The statement added that the democratic values and human rights of India is being constrained as we speak and every moment of our silence adds to that.

The signatories to the statement include politician, academicians and activists from diverse political circles including K Muraleedharan MP from Congress, Binoy Vishwam MP from CPI, E. T. Mohammed Basheer and newly elected Member of Parliament from Malappuram Constituency M. P. Abdussamad Samadani, both from IUML, K. P. A. Majeed MLA, Dr MK Muneer MLA (IUML), Former MLA VT Balram (Congress), renowned poet K. Satchidanandan, Veteran Journalist BRP Bhaskar, Ambedkarite activist Sunny M. Kapicadu, Professor Muhammad Ilyas(MG University Kottayam), Ambedkarite activist and KDP leader K. Ambujakshan, Dr PT Azad, Dr PK Pocker, PT John, NP Chekkutty, PK Prakashan, KS Hariharan,

Read the full statement here

Raise voices for Hany Babu: Joint statement of Kerala MPs, MLAs, activists ans academics

Hany Babu M.T, a Keralite and an assistant professor at Delhi University, has been languishing in Mumbai jail for the past nine months, falsely accused in the Bhima Koregaon-Elgar Parishad case. Hany Babu is a renowned linguist who has received a doctorate from EFLU, Hyderabad and from the University of Konstanz, Germany. Professor Babu is an honest social activist, who upon identifying himself as an Ambedkarite dedicated his life entirely to social justice and anti-caste struggles. Many Central University students coming from Dalit-Bahujan background had recounted stories of support and motivation they used to receive from their dear professor. They have reiterated how valuable his support was for their growth. As said in the request released by his family yesterday, for someone who makes other's urgencies his needs, it is not surprising to see him revered by teachers and students alike.

An analysis report released by Arsenal Consulting, an independent digital forensic company based in Massachusetts, on the evidence submitted by NIA against Rona Wilson, another falsely accused in the same case, reveals the shocking depth of State conspiracy in this case that puts democratic values into shame. The only evidence that links Rona Wilson with Maoist groups is a set of documents installed in their computer by hackers using malicious software. The same modus operandi has been used against all the other 15 accused in this case. The shocking revelations by Arsenal consulting demand a re-investigation, in this case, to implement justice. However, there has been no such initiative. The criminal silence continued by both the justice system and the public should be protested.

The conspired state violence against Hany Babu and other accused in the baseless Bhima Koregaon-Elgar Parishad case is highly condemnable. Hany Babu was arrested unexpectedly on July 28 2020, after he was called to Mumbai by NIA for a five-day questioning. During September 2019 and August 2020, before and after his arrest by NIA, Hany babu's family had to endure a long and intimidating raid at their house. His books, documents, electronic devices were captured under U.A.P.A without any warrant or necessary official documents, even the basic rules of evidence collection were neglected. NIA didn't provide them with a proper list or hash value of the data in the electronic devices, thereby consciously creating more chances for evidence tampering. Some important details revealed by his family should be added to this. During the questioning before his arrest, Hany Babu was pressurised to provide statements against others arrested in the case and thereby forcing him to become a witness in the case. It is to be rightly assumed that NIA had decided to teach a lesson to Hany Babu, who refused to comply with their demands.

It is his strong anti-caste struggles based on an Ambedkarite's conviction and his commitment to the cause of social justice that puts Hany babu on the opposite side of the Savarna Hindutva state. Here is someone who had fought to implement OBC reservation in Delhi University and fought constantly to end discrimination against SC/ST community. Hany Babu was also actively part of the 'Committee for the defence and release of Sai Baba', a committee formed for his former classmate and colleague Sai Baba. Sai Baba is 90% disabled, has been denied justice and is still behind bars.

Hany Babu has been imprisoned for the past nine months, and it is indeed regrettable that there have been no voices of protest, including from Kerala, for the release of Hany Babu. The increasing cases of Covid and related death in the overcrowded jails have created an atmosphere of panic among the prisoners. It is a gross human rights violation that even during this alarming situation falsely accused under trials are being tortured by the state. It is indeed cruel that the prisoners are denied of their right to visitors under the excuse of covid protocol and even parcels containing books are being rejected.

By hunting intellectuals like Hany Babu who are committed to the cause of the downtrodden, Sangh Parivar is trying to suppress all voices against their Savarna Hindutva ideologies. It is high time that we start raising voices for Hany Babu and many other innocents who are languishing in jails as victims of the state hunt. The democratic values and human rights of this country are being constrained as we speak and every moment of our silence adds to that. We need to put aside our differences and raise our voices for justice together.

K. Muraleedharan MP

E. T. Mohammed Basheer MP

M. P. Abdussamad Samadani MP

Binoy Viswam MP

K. P. A. Majeed MLA

Dr. MK Muneer MLA

VT Balram

Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal

K. Satchidanandan

BRP Bhaskar

Sunny M. Kapicadu

Professor Muhammad Ilyas

K. Ambujakshan

Dr. PT Azad

Dr. PK Pocker

PT John

NP Chekkutty

PK Prakashan

KS Hariharan

Hameed Vaniyambalam

KK Baburaj

Ilavupalam Shamsuddheen Mannani

Abdul Shukkoor Qasimi

VH Aliyar Qasimi

CK Abdul Asees

Professor Dileep Raj

P Mujeeburahman

Nahas Mala

Dr. Arun Lal

Dr. Hareesh Tharayil

Dr. Srihari A

Professor Suresh M

P Abdul Majeed Faizy

Amjad Ali EM

AS Ajith Kumar

Dr. MT Ansari

Dr. Jenny Rowena

Professor Carmel Christy

Dr. J Devika

Professor Sreebitha PV

Dr. Kavyakrishna KR

Dr. Arun Asokan

Simi K

Chithralekha E

Dr. OK Santhosh

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