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Pragya Thakur: Women Should Wear Hijab At Madrassas, Not Schools, Colleges


Pragya Singh Thakur, a BJP leader in Karnataka, said on Wednesday that headscarves will not be tolerated if worn in educational institutions other than madrassas.

In addition, the Lok Sabha member from Bhopal said that Hindus worship women and don't consider them evil. Thakur spoke at a temple function in the Barkheda Pathani, Bhopal.

"You have madrassas. We have nothing to do if you wear hijab or apply khijab (hair colour) there (in madrassas). You wear the attire required there and follow their discipline. But if you distort the knowledge and discipline of schools and colleges in the country and start wearing hijab and applying khijab then it will not be tolerated," she stated.

In Hindu gurukuls, students wear a saffron outfit called bhagwa. But when they go to school they wear the school uniform and follow the rules of the school, she said.

As Thakur explained, khijabs conceal greying hair, while hijabs cover faces.

"Hijab is a purdah. Purdah should be (used) against those who see you with evil eyes. But it is certain that Hindus don't see them with evil eyes as they worship women," she added.

Ms Thakur chanted a 'shloka' ("verse") while saying that, in Sanatan Dharma, place where women are not revered is like a crematorium

She responded, citing the marriage customs among Muslims, "You should wear your hijab in your homes."

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