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Pro-Khalistani extremists openly threatening Hindus in Canada, defacing temples: sources

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Pro-Khalistani extremists in Canada are reportedly growing bolder, openly intimidating minority Hindus, and engaging in the defacement of temples, said sources to NDTV.

These developments have raised concerns over the physical security of Indian missions and diplomats in Canada, challenging Canada's obligations under the Vienna Convention.

A senior government officer, closely monitoring the situation, stated that there appears to be a discrepancy in how human rights issues are treated. While Canada is vocal on even minor issues in Punjab, it has remained silent on the intimidation, violence, drug trafficking, and extortion activities by pro-Khalistani extremists (PKEs) in Canada, affecting both countries.

Intelligence agencies held a high-level meeting to discuss these issues, including the influence of PKEs in Canadian gurdwaras, the impact of extortion rackets run from Canada on Punjab, and the involvement of Khalistani extremists in drug trade activities. It has been noted that Canada-based gangsters smuggle drugs from Pakistan into Punjab using drones and funnel part of the proceeds to Khalistani extremists in Canada, reported NDTV.

Over the past decade, the links between Canada-based Khalistani extremists and more than half of the terror cases reported in Punjab have emerged. Inter-gang rivalries among gangsters from Punjab have become common in Canada.

While several targeted killings of Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians in Punjab since 2016 have been attributed to PKEs, Canadian agencies have not initiated investigations against these individuals. Instead, they are often viewed as political activists, despite the increasing violence in Punjab, claimed the officer in light of recent incidents.

Khalistani extremists have operated freely from Canadian soil for nearly 50 years under the guise of "freedom of expression" and "political advocacy." The Kanishka bombing carried out by Khalistani extremists in 1985 was one of the world's largest terror attacks in the pre-9/11 era, said the official.

The lackadaisical approach of Canadian agencies allowed individuals like Talwinder Singh Parmar and his group of Khalistani extremists to evade justice. Parmar, once involved in the Kanishka bombing, is now celebrated by Khalistani activists in Canada, with Sikhs For Justice naming its campaign center after him, added the official.

The situation raises concerns about the actions and stance of Canadian authorities in dealing with pro-Khalistani extremist activities on their soil.

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