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Shah Rukh Khan pleads for Aryan’s release: Wankhede submits chats in his defence

Shah Rukh Khan pleads for Aryan’s release: Wankhede submits chats in his defence

Mumbai: As things turned out to be hostile to the former Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) who had dealt with Aryan Khan involved alleged drug case, NCB officer Sameer Wankhede has brought out the purported chats the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan made with him pleading for the release of his son as his defence.

In the alleged chats, Shah Rukh Khan expresses gratitude to Wankhede for the support and guidance provided. He promises to ensure that his son learns from the experience and becomes an upright and hardworking individual, contributing positively to society. Khan acknowledges the lessons that Wankhede believes Aryan should learn and hopes that his son will be reformed through counselling.defence

Wankhede, in his purported responses, assures Shah Rukh Khan that he understands the situation as a father and empathizes with him. He expresses his belief that Aryan has been a good kid overall and hopes that he will now undergo the necessary reformation. Wankhede acknowledges the difficulties faced by the family and assures Khan that the hard days will soon be over.

Shah Rukh Khan, in his alleged plea to Wankhede, pleads for mercy and asks him to intervene in the case. He emphasizes that his son, although wayward, does not deserve to be treated like a hardened criminal. Khan appeals to Wankhede's understanding and humanity, urging him to send Aryan home and expressing his faith in Wankhede's goodness and the system.

Khan further requests Wankhede to speak with his "daughter," though it remains unclear who exactly the daughter refers to. He assures Wankhede that he will take personal responsibility for dealing with the person involved and requests kindness and support. Khan emphasizes the father-to-father connection, stating that he loves his children just as Wankhede loves his own, and urges Wankhede not to let his faith break in him or the system.

Wankhede, allegedly responding, acknowledges that no one is happy with the situation and clarifies that there was no intention to deliberately put Aryan in trouble from their side. He explains that certain legal technicalities are at play but assures Khan that the matter will soon be resolved. Wankhede acknowledges the efforts made by both of them, both in his official capacity and as a father, but emphasizes the importance of patience in such circumstances.

However, it is important to note that the authenticity of these chats has not been verified, and they should be treated as fictional until proven otherwise.

As Aryan Khan is granted bail and the charges against him are dropped due to lack of evidence, the focus now shifts to the legal proceedings and the ongoing discussions surrounding the fairness of the investigation and the issue of drug abuse within the entertainment industry.

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