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Talking about Patanjali, right-wing activist throws vitriol at Dr Abby-'theliverdoc'

Talking about Patanjali, right-wing activist throws vitriol at Dr Abby-theliverdoc

Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, known as 'theliverdoc' on social media, has filed a complaint with the Kochi police, alleging online verbal abuse, harassment, and vulgarity by a right-wing activist. The activist is said to have been enraged over content discussing the Ayurveda giant Patanjali and its charismatic leader, Baba Ramdev.

Abby Philips, a hepatologist known for sharing research-based medical and educational content on social media, faced a ferocious response from Vijay Patel, a self-proclaimed right-wing advocate whose online alter ego ignited a blaze of hostility.

Abby described a night of relentless assault—verbal abuse, harassment, and character assassination. Operating under the banner of Hindutva, Patel launched a tirade against the doctor, accusing him of being a 'propaganda doctor' with ulterior motives. Patel claimed that Abby belonged to a missionary cartel that utilizes the modern medical field as their conversion factory.

Vijay Patel called Dr Abby as an adversary of Ayurveda due to alleged affiliations with a 'missionary cartel.' The narrative spiraled into personal attacks, with Patel hinting at a hidden history that he promised to reveal.

Filing a police complaint against Patel, Dr. Abby entrusted the Kerala Police Department, the Kochi City Police, and the State Cyber Cell with the task of unravelling the web of harassment. He expressed confidence in their ability to bring Patel to justice.

This online skirmish isn't Abby's first rodeo; he's danced with controversy before, having faced legal notices for his critical stance on AYUSH remedies. His pursuit of scientific rigor led him to clash with traditional practices, a stance that didn't sit well with everyone.

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