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Teacher insists schoolboys explain fight in English, viral video sparks conversation on neglecting mother tongue

Teacher insists schoolboys explain fight in English, viral video sparks conversation on neglecting mother tongue

A video capturing a conversation between two schoolboys attempting to explain their recent fight to their teacher has taken the internet by storm.

The video, shared by New Life High School in Assam’s Pachim Nagaon, portrays the boys' struggle to convey their situation in English because the school has insisted that they do not speak their mother tongue.

The schoolboys found themselves in the classic situation of being called to the teacher's office to clarify their altercation. The New Life High School, in an effort to promote English communication skills, instructed the boys to narrate the incident solely in English, leading to an endearing yet concerning display of their limited English vocabulary and creative gestures.

When asked by the teacher to recount the incident, the boys appeared perplexed and initially at a loss for words. Their attempts to articulate the events were marked by pauses and gestures, reflecting their struggle to find the right words in English.

One of the boys, named Udip, managed to convey that the other boy, Adil, had gripped him by the neck. Limited by language, Udip employed a choking gesture to illustrate the situation. Adil then countered with his version, stating that Udip had held him by the throat. He, too, used gestures, mimicking the act. Adil further tried to explain that he was punched by Udip, portraying the action through a punching gesture.

The teacher intervened with a warning that any future fights would lead to involving the police and potential jail time. This prompted the boys to apologise and shake hands, a request the boys complied with willingly.

The video sparked discussions online about the teaching approach and language learning.

Some users emphasised the need for a more lenient atmosphere, suggesting that allowing children to communicate in their mother tongue during challenging situations would create a less stressful learning environment. This approach, they argued, would prevent students from retreating or avoiding situations where English communication is required.

The video illustrates the challenges young learners face when compelled to communicate in a language that may not be their primary mode of expression. It raises important questions about language education methodologies and the balance between promoting language acquisition and maintaining a comfortable learning environment.

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