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'The Australian' uploads fresh set of documents on Scorpene

The Australian uploads fresh set of documents on Scorpene

New Delhi: A new set of leaked documents on India's Scorpene submarines was published by Australian newspaper "The Australian" on Thursday revealing functional description, including the cylindrical and flank array, sonar interception and a number of other details on the boat.

The document, with "Restricted Scorpene India" written on it, has a System Technical Manual and an Operating Instruction Manual that have crucial details of the combat management system.

While the vital parameters and exact details have been redacted or blacked out, the original documents contain all data.

These details may be put together and make detecting the submarine easier.

The document even gives out the frequency band of the Sonar intercept receiver, distributed array, active array.

Indian Navy has so far maintained that the details would not reveal the final submarine's signature, as the specifications in the document are generic and each boat has a unique signature that is known only when it is ready and in the waters.

The total leaked documents run over 22,000 pages.

The first set of documents uploaded by "The Australian", included technical manuals of the boat, as also details like its acoustic signature and levels of noise radiation.

Tracking a submarine involves sophisticated sonar equipment that can detect, classify, locate and track a vessel based on echoes from its hull and the noise it generates.

Hull reflection, radio and radar signals and water pressure can also give away a submarine's location.

To this extent, the Scorpene's stealth characteristic is its biggest strength. This has been achieved by modifying its hull and reducing its noise footprint.

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