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Chinese company says no extramarital affair or divorce, netizens debate

Chinese company says no extramarital affair or divorce, netizens debate

A company in China has ignited a debate on social media after announcing a new policy that could lead to the termination of married employees found to be cheating on their partners. The Zhejiang-based company issued the "extramarital affairs prohibition" order on June 9, which applies to all married staff members.

The company's decision, aimed at enhancing internal management and promoting a corporate culture of loyalty and spousal love, forbids married employees from engaging in harmful behaviours such as extramarital affairs or maintaining mistresses, reported the South China Morning Post. The company also emphasised the implementation of the "4 'N's": no illicit relationship, no mistress, no extramarital affair, and no divorce. Violations of these stipulations will result in immediate termination.

An anonymous company employee told Jimu News that the ban was intended to encourage employees to maintain stable and harmonious families while boosting productivity at work. The exact reason behind the company's decision, as well as any influence from workplace affairs, remains undisclosed.

The response to the rule has been mixed on social media, with some welcoming it and others criticising it as an encroachment on personal freedom and privacy. Supporters view it as a positive move by the company to combat unethical behaviour and protect families. However, critics argue that such a ban infringes upon employees' rights and believe that government authorities should address the issue instead.

Legal experts have weighed in and said that terminating an employee's contract can only be justified if the individual is unable to perform their job or if their abilities no longer meet the required standards. Even if a company includes an affair ban in their employee manual, it cannot serve as a valid reason for firing staff. If an employee is terminated under these circumstances, they have the right to take legal action to protect their rights. While it is encouraged for companies to promote the right values, it is considered unacceptable to infringe upon employees' rights based on extramarital issues.

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