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Disclaimer on Amul's ‘Taaza’ carton leaves Twitter in splits

Disclaimer on Amuls ‘Taaza’ carton leaves Twitter in splits

Amul, India’s leading dairy brand, always has a knack for grabbing eyeballs with its unique and hilarious social media content.

The brand comes up with funny and entertaining taglines and names for its products, playing around with words, and cheering up the netizens with its creativity.

Amul Taaza is one of the many products from Amul, a staple in millions of Indian households. It’s the first thing people look for when it comes to milk. These milk cartons find a place in every grocery store as well.

But have you ever noticed the back of the packaging? A disclaimer on the Amul ‘Taaza’ carton has now left the twitteratis in splits.

Disclaimer is a statement that companies and manufacturers post on the label of their products, particularly, packaged foods. A disclaimer on a product denies something, especially responsibility and they are everywhere.

A person recently highlighted the disclaimer about the ‘true nature’ of the product.

Taaza means ‘freshness’ and the milk carton read "This is only a brand name or trademark and does not represent its true nature".

The post was shared from the Twitter handle, named @DietPravda, featuring the picture of the milk carton.

The post quickly grabbed the attention of the netizens garnering almost 42k views and hundreds of likes and comments.

"And then they wonder why we have trust issues," a comment read. Another person stated, "Referring to the "taaza"?"

A third comment read, "Yes lol! No idea why the put it at the start." A person also stated, "Same for real juice. Glad I stopped consuming these brands."

A comment added, "If Amul Taaza doesn't represent the true nature; what does?!"

A few shared disclaimers on the packaging of other products as well which don’t abide by the true nature of the product.

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