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Vivek Raj: the fastest human calculator from Kerala
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Vivek Raj: the fastest human calculator from Kerala


Everyone knows 50+50 = 100, But adding a two digit number 19 times to that number in 10 seconds might be impossible for a normal human being. What about multiplying the two digit number getting an answer of 11 digit number in 15 seconds?

Vivek Raj a native of Aaraatuvazhi, Kerala who is called as "The Human Calculator" can easily solve all these math in seconds. His brilliance in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is incredible.

In this odd era of technical advancements and smartphones, people try hard to remember even their mobile numbers, Vivek knows the multiplication table from 1 to one lakh accurately. Suppose we think of a number and multiply it thrice, he can tell the assumed number in seconds. His interest in numbers started while in 7th grade when his father gifted him a calculator, then he became faster than the calculator.

This is no trick but result of 12 years of practice, focus and an aptitude for numbers and the interest in arithmetic equations. The Human calculator Scott Flans Berg was his inspiration for procuring this ability to solve arithmetic problems fastest since his childhood.

Vivek likely developed this unique talent with numbers after studying the 1965 book Vedic Mathematics by Bharati Krishna Tirtha. The book contains techniques to solve mathematical arithmetic in an easy and faster way.

In 2016, Vivek made it to the Limca Book of Records for his two most astounding feats - fastest addition and multiplication. He was given the number 67 by the examiners, and he multiplied it five times (67 x 67 = 4,489 x 67 = 3,00,763...) within 15 seconds and got an 11-digit answer.

To strengthen his student's math base, he teaches them Vedic maths. Vivek does not do these extraordinary shows for entertainment, but to make more kids interested in math and help students overcome their fear of mathematics. He prepares according to the bookings in several schools and colleges.

He also runs an educational centre named Vedic Math Monastery in Alappuzha district. Recently, he gave a proposal to the state education minister to include this math form in educational syllabus.

"It was our MP from Alappuzha A M Arif who persuaded me to send the proposal to the government so as to include it in the education curriculum." he told Madhyamam. He also added that Arif MP put great effort in bringing him up.

He hopes to be a change-maker in today's educational system. From students as old as 10 years to a 70 years, Vivek helps them to learn and love math the way he does.

See the performance of Vivek broadcast by History TV18

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