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"Kangaroos are not Shoes"

Kangaroos are not Shoes

The Center for a Humane Economy (CHE), through its 'Kangaroos Are Not Shoes' campaign, is calling on manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, Puma and others to put an end to the world's largest commercial slaughter of land-based wild animals for mere profits.

Backed by Hollywood, Gilmore Girls producer Gavin Polone and Emmy-winning sports editor Derek Ambrosi have joined forces together to create a short film in collaboration with the CHE exposing the startling manner kangaroos are killed and stripped off their skin for making boots. The one-minute-long video aims to raise awareness about the cruel trade and calls for change by banning the use of kangaroo leather altogether.

"I wanted to expose the bloody truth that is being hidden from well-intentioned consumers who may have no idea how their 'K-leather' shoes are being made. Nike can no longer hide their responsibility for this atrocity," said Gavin Polone. The short film at its close also urges the people to sign the petition to stop killing kangaroos at

Kangaroo skin is known as one of the strongest lightweight leathers available, and Australia exports $33 million worth of Kangaroo skin every year.

Australia's code of practice states that if a slaughtered female has a baby in its pouch, the joey "must also be killed immediately, by decapitation or a heavy blow to the skull to destroy the brain or shooting."

Kangaroos are slaughtered in millions every year for their skin to make football shoes. The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia instituted a male-only shooting policy in 2013. Still, even highly experienced shooters estimated that at least one in two or three kangaroos they shoot is a female.

Nike has slowly started addressing the growing demand for cruelty-free and sustainable footwear designs since the company released a brand new iteration of its popular SB Dunk sneakers with animal-free leather in January.

The film comes as two US congressmen introduced the Kangaroo Protection Act to ban the sale of kangaroo body parts in the United States. Australians are now hopeful that the film backed by Hollywood will bring about a considerable change in the cruelty done towards Kangaroos.

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