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Five-year-old shops over Rs 3 lakh worth of boots and toys from Amazon

Five-year-old shops over Rs 3 lakh worth of boots and toys from Amazon

Massachusetts: A mother in the US found out that her five-year-old daughter, Lila, went on a shopping spree on Amazon. The girl ordered 10 motorcycles and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots.

The order was worth close to $4000.

Speaking to NBC, mother Jessica Nunes said that they were driving home when the child placed the order. "I go on my Amazon order history to find that I, or somebody, had ordered 10 motorcycles, a Jeep, and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots women's size seven. The bikes and the Jeep came out to about $3,180. The boots alone were about $600."

The child used the "Buy Now" option on the Amazon app. When asked how the order was placed, Lila said, "you just press a few buttons and then the brown button." Lila ordered 10 children's dirt bikes in assorted pink and blue colours. She also said that the children's two-seat ride-on jeep was a treat for herself and her 2-year-old brother. The women's boots were size 7 which is Jessica's shoe size.

Jessica said her daughter usually uses the phone to play games. When Lila asked for the phone while they were in the car, the mom did not think much of it. She also did not notice the order was placed until Amazon sent her an "order shipped" notification early in the morning. She assumed that the account had been hacked. "I went about my day thinking nothing of it until my phone buzzed at 2 a.m. the next morning alerting me to a shipped Amazon order."

She soon discovered that her credit card had been charged a total of $3922.

Nunes was able to cancel the boots order and half the motorcycle orders before they were shipped. However, five motorcycles and one children's jeep were already shipped and were non-returnable. But she reached out to Amazon at 2 am and asked if there is anything that can be done. Five bikes and the jeep were delivered to their home. And all sellers have agreed to process returns.

She also told WJAR that she did not punish the child but chose to use the experience to teach her something.

Jessica thinks that Lila placed the order for the bikes after seeing them in a park the day before. "There was an older boy with a bike and Lila was devastated because she was too young to ride it. I don't know how she found this exact item (on Amazon)," she told When asked, Lila explained, "I just wanted it and I got it."

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