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At least one symptom remains for 76 per cent of Covid 19 recovered people, says Study

At least one symptom remains for 76 per cent of Covid 19 recovered people, says Study

Scientists have indeed learned a lot about the novel Corona virus but there is still a lot more uncertainties surrounding the characteristics of the virus. A new study published in The Lancet journal reveals that around 76 per cent of the people who were diagnosed with Covid-19 but recovered carried at least one symptom of the virus even after six months of being discharged from the hospital.

This situation is called the 'long-haul Covid' where people who recover from the infection experiences lingering symptoms for months.

The study included the Covid survivors from Wuhan, China and monitored their state of health from the period of June to September in the year 2020. They were interviewed, asked questions about their health status and made to go through physical examinations and blood tests.

Around 76 per cent of the study participants were found to be still experiencing some of the symptoms months later. Even six months after the infection, the survivors experienced fatigue, muscle weakness, anxiety, sleep difficulties etc.

13 per cent of the survivors who did not have any kidney related issues at the time of infection were found to be suffering from kidney malfunctioning. Risk of anxiety and depression as a notable psychological symptom and pulmonary complications were found to be higher in patients affected with severe illness.

However these lingering symptoms were not restricted to people of any particular age. All those who were affected with severe, moderate and mild infections showed traits of these symptoms.

The long haul Covid-19 could hinder the day to day activities of the people. It is still not clear what causes these long haul Covid viruses but scientists say the risk factors include the abnormal immune response, genetics of the patients etc.

The study shows that many of the people who recovered could still be living with its after effects even now and hence researches and larger follow up studies must be conducted in every country to understand the long lasting health effects the virus could inflict in a human body.

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