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Covid-19 repercussions may include cognitive complications: Study

Covid-19 repercussions may include cognitive complications: Study

According to a study published in the renowned swiss journal 'Frontiers in psychology', Covid-19 survivors may be confronted with neuropsychiatric and cognitive complications. Researchers noted that a spate of short-term neuropsychiatric problems was reported among Covid-19 survivors.

Indian-origin researcher Sanjay Kumar from Oxford Brookes University said, "Understanding the neuropsychiatric and cognitive consequences of Covid-19 is important, as millions of people have been affected by the virus and many cases go undetected."

"These conditions affect people's capacity to work effectively, drive, manage finances, make informed decisions and participate in daily family activities," Kumar added.

The researchers examined more than 200 COVID -19 patients of different severities. Based on the study, Mr Kumar noted that a "detailed cognitive evaluation and robust monitoring of patients should be considered in order to detect new neurological cases."

The study statistic reveals that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] was identified among 95 per cent of Covid-19 survivors who were clinically stable. Meanwhile, other studies have determined that 17-42 per cent of the COVID-19 patients experienced short term depression.

The study also revealed that 13-28 per cent of patients were affected with short term impaired memory, and 45 per cent of patients with short term impaired attention. And in the long-term, affective disorders and fatigue, impaired attention (44 per cent of patients), and impaired memory (28-50 per cent of patients) were determined as neuropsychiatric aftermaths.

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