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Here is why women easily go down with Multiple Sclerosis

Here is why women easily go down with Multiple Sclerosis

Few other conditions impact women as disproportionately as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) does.

The ailment comes in the way of their everyday life, considerably.

Blame the immune system's damaging of the nervous system, disrupting communication between body parts and brain.

MS could bring in symptoms like vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired coordination.

They could vary from person to person. Some patients could go free of any symptoms at all, while others complain of chronic issues.

Men are not entirely immune to the condition either. And studies have not identified the reasons behind the ailment.

In women, however, the role of hormones, Vitamin D, and even obesity play an important part.

Wary of the imbalances in your sex hormones—both estrogen and testosterone.

Any fluctuation of either could cause inflammation, damaging tissues in the brain.

Also watch out the balance of your thyroid hormone, which goes wrong for most women.

Maintain your vitamin D levels to protect yourself against MS. Of course, men should also take in as much vitamin D as needed. .

Enough sun exposure and a vitamin D rich diet could be a protection against MS.

Remember, women have lower vitamin D absorption than men. This increases their risk of developing MS.

Obesity plays spoil sport leading to inflammation. Studies link increasing MS cases to body fat and there is no doubt obesity rates are higher among women.

If you have not yet taken care of your belly fat, it is time you flattened it; belly fat is an indication of increased inflammation.

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