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Man claims to work for 16 hours a day, doctor asks to give job to an unemployed person


A 37-year-old man recently took to Twitter to seek advice from a doctor about his high blood pressure and long work hours. He said he works for over 16-17 hours a day at a corporate job and his blood pressure is at 150/90 and 84 minutes.

The man goes by the name Harshal on Twitter and sought out the opinion of neurologist Dr Sudhir Kumar of Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad. He wrote: "Hi Doctor, I am 37 yo, in a corporate job, current working hours from the past 6 months are more than 16-17 hours, have to give non-stop coverage for all global regions, I recently did BP check, and it's 150/90 and 84 min. Please advise next steps."

The health professional wrote back: "Reduce working hours by 50 percent, and ensure an unemployed person gets a job (whose job you are doing in addition to yours)."

He also asked the overworked employee to check the advice pinned on his Twitter page. It was about six things one should do to maintain optimum health - regular sleep, brisk walking/running, healthy diet, reduced working hours, reduced stress, and complete abstinence from alcohol.

Harshal later thanked the doctor for the advice and informed him that he finally quit his job after the company told him to work during the weekend as well. "Thank you for the suggestion, I have quit the job now because it was getting very toxic at the top. Left at my best high because I told my boss I can't be available on a weekend and then she said, she will have to find a replacement and, quit immediately after it."

Dr Kumar said that it is a "great decision".

Many empathised with his situation and spoke up against toxic corporate work environments. "16-17 hours of continuous work is not due to work pressure but it is the result of bad planning, bad management, and bad resourcing!! And this sets the bad culture for others in the company too!! Start saying NO!! Things will change!!"

One user also hinted that farming is the best job. "Escape corporate stress, reconnect with mother nature, and earn from organic farming. Combine technology and ancient wisdom for a fulfilling journey in agriculture. Explore the potential of organic farming by combining cutting-edge technologies with ancient wisdom."

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