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Perks of walking

Perks of walking

With increased awareness, people have started to pay more attention to health issues and fitness. While many opt for sports to keep fit, others opt for the gym and yet others, realising the many perks of walking for just half an hour, walk regularly.

Half an hour of walking, in the morning or evening, creates several positive changes in the body. The following are a few motivating perks to shake off that laziness and get moving:

  • Relieve stress: Study says that walking causes an increase in endorphins, a hormone found in the brain and nervous system. This hormone improves brain health and reduces the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. You also feel relieved from work and other stress.
  • Lower Cholesterol: Walking increases blood circulation in the heart, thereby lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood pressure.
  • Healthy lungs: As more oxygen flows into the body while walking, the lungs become stronger.
  • Strong muscles
  • Strong joints: Walking strengthens various joints and reduces the possibility of certain injuries.
  • Beneficial for back pain: As you grow older, exercise puts pressure on your waist. A proper walking schedule counters this and helps relieve back pain.
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