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Potato chips, chocolate increase risk of kidney disease: Study

Potato chips, chocolate increase risk of kidney disease: Study

Researchers at Monash University in Australia have published a study that reveals a link between heavily processed foods and 'leaky gut syndrome's which raises the risk for kidney disease. The study was conducted on rodents and implicate the role Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) which re the compounds that give fried and roasted foods their flavour.

Researchers found that AGEs in the system triggered the human body's inflammatory response which in turn increased the risk for chronic Kinsey disease. Globally, around q10% of the population is afflicted with chronic kidney disease, prompting researchers to warn about excessive consumption of highly processed foods.

"Dietary change, as with most behaviour change, can be difficult to maintain long term, but by adding more foods high in resistant starch fibre and steaming and stewing cooking practices we can help dampen the harmful effects," said Melinda Coughlan, lead researcher for the study and Associate Professor at Monash Central Clinical School's Department of Diabetes.

The study further recommended increasing the uptake of legumes, barley, beans, oats and potato fibre, all of which would help restore gut bacteria to optimal function and offset the risk of leaky gut syndrome.

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