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Research infers high diabetes risk in cancer patients

Research infers high diabetes risk in cancer patients

Washington: A recent study of the statistics of cancer patients in Denmark has found that cancer increases the probability of causing diabetes. Denmark has been showing an unfortunate growth in the number of cancer diagnoses.

50,000 among 112 million blood samples got tested positive for cancer in Denmark lately.

"Our study demonstrates that there is an elevated risk of developing diabetes if a person is affected by lung, pancreatic, breast, brain, urinary tract, or uterine cancers.", said Professor Lykke Sylow of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen.

Individuals developing diabetes show an increased mortality rate than those who do not. However, studies were not able to exactly find conclusions to the reasons for this diagnosis.

Reports suggest screening processes that help in finding out diabetes are to be implemented for this at the earliest.

In response to the possibilities of preventing mortality rates through this method, Professor Christoffer Johanse of the National Centre for Cancer Survivorship and General Late Effects (CASTLE) says, "Our results suggest that it might be relevant to consider diabetes screenings in relation to those cancers where we found an elevated risk of the disease. That is to say, for patients with lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, uterine cancer, and urinary tract cancers. We have outstanding opportunities to treat diabetes, and early intervention could have an impact on certain cancer patients."

Along with the early diagnosis, the study also insists patients work on healthy lifestyle patterns, which include practising physical exercise regularly.

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