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Research implies use of Artificial Intelligence can build up pregnant women's health

Research implies use of Artificial Intelligence can build up pregnant womens health

As we all know pregnant women faces mental and physical stress throughout her pregnancy period. Preggo go through a mix of feelings, and not all of them are good for them and the fetus. Mood swings are normal during pregnancy.

If they have a mental health issue it is usually talked to doctors and take remedies to get rid of it. Analysis reveal that how artificial intelligence can be used to help pregnant women in improving their mental and physical health by detecting defects at the earlier stage of pregnancy.

The studies carried out by technology over the last 12 years has confirmed that congential heart birth effects or macrosomia, gestational diabetes and preterm birth or any other disorders in pregnant women can be diagnosed at the earlier stage itself using artificial intelligence (AI).

The research team published findings of the study in the journal IEEE, a detailed and accurate analysis of how AI can make relief by blowing off mental stress, depression and anxiety and other emotional aspects which is the most risky element during pregnancy.

According to IANS, studies into cases involving artificial intelligence found a correlation between the number of pre-term births and the environmental pollution to which the pregnant women had been previously exposed.

"The interest in applying AI in obstetrics and gynaecology is increasing. These AI applications can monitor health of pregnancy women and help to advance the universal provision of health services particularly in the most disadvantaged areas as well. Thus the field can contribute in enhancing individual and public health", says Maria del Carmen Romero- a researcher at University of Seville in Spain.

The results discloses that lack of studies where emotions are regarded as 'a risk parameter' during pregnancy. A carrying woman's mental health is a vital factor, which plays great role in pregnancy despite it her psychological health is correlated with the risk of suffering certain diseases that are common in pregnancy.

The effective computing which is system based let emotional interaction with the pregnant woman. Instance, in the case of detecting emotional changes it is possible to offer guidance or recommendations, which the system would previously have received from doctors. This can make the patient guarded, feel better and closer to her health service and can lessen the usual feelings of anxiety or worry that may lead to physical problems.

The emotional state and mental health of the pregnant woman can influence the occurrence of risks in pregnancy have already proven and attained scientic evidences.

"Our study highlights what is a very interesting multidisciplinary research niche for affective computing in the field of health and well-being of pregnant women," states researchers.

The study shows that Pregnancy state brings changes and new learning, potentially causing anxiety, fear, worry, and even depression in women.

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