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Skin condition 'Covid toe' might be an immune response side effect: Study

Skin condition Covid toe might be an immune response side effect: Study

The skin condition 'Covid toe', characterised by inflammation and redness on the hands and feet, might be a side effect of the body's immune response.

The condition develops within one to four weeks of being infected by the coronavirus and sometimes last for months at a time. Toes and fingers are noted to become swollen and change colour, reported The Guardian.

Researchers examined 50 people with the condition and found that the mechanism behind the condition is linked to the immune response with high levels of certain autoantibodies. Findings suggest that these autoantibodies target the body's own cells and tissues by mistake. Type I interferon, a key protein in the antiviral response, was also found in some participants.

The UK podiatrist Dr Ivan Bristow told the Guardian that the condition cleared up on its own in most people, but others needed creams. He added that the confirmation of the cause would help in the development of new treatments.

Study author Dr Charles Cassius said that there is little research on the pathophysiology of chilblain-like lesions, and the new study provides insights.

The study has been published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

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