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Strong muscles cut death from all causes: study shows

Strong muscles cut death from all causes: study shows

Tauten your muscles. Do not to hang back from hitting gym anymore. Here is the reason there is greater benefit in the regime than you thought.

Muscle strengthening could help ward off death from many causes - they could be either cancer or heart attacks or diabetes.

Anything from lifting weights to push-ups or even gardening work each week contributes to muscle building.

A new global analysis of studies over three decades confirms the benefits of strong muscles, according to the Guardian.

Musculoskeletal health is primary to overall health; given this, researchers recommend muscles strengthening.

Previous research has indicated a link to a lower risk of death, but until now experts did not know what the optimal "dose" might be, The Guardian reported.

Researchers in Japan observed database of studies about adults having no major health issues. These adults have been monitored for at least two years, as part of the study.

The analysis of 16 studies, carried out in US, England, Scotland, Australia and Japan over 25 years, linked muscle strengthening for 30-to 60 to lowering deaths ranging from 10% to 20 %. Muscle strengthening fortified physique against cancer and heart diseases.

The results, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, however gave no conclusive evidence muscle-strengthening activity for more than an hour reduced risks further—meaning, spending more time in gym may no greater benefits. Gym buffs can relax if they are flexing muscle too much out there.

Muscle strengthening activities, according to UK physical activity guidelines, could be anything from heavy shopping bags, yoga, pilates, tai chi, lifting weights, working with resistance bands, doing exercises that use your own body weight such as push-ups and sit-ups, heavy gardening such as digging and shovelling, wheeling a wheelchair or lifting and carrying children.

If you have no time for daily gym, just knock about in the yard carrying your kid—enough! This could be a great help for your spouse as well.

You have got to work all the major muscles groups at least two days a week. Alongside, you have to add 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. The researchers say that those doing both reap greater benefits.

The analysis on participants numbered about 4,000 to 480,000 aged from 18 to 97. The study found that muscle strengthening lowered risk of deaths from any cause - be it heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Working out anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes a week meant maximum lowering of death ranging between 10% and 20%. Plus this, a joint analysis of both muscle strengthening and aerobic activities cut death risks to a lower 40%, 46%, and 28%.

Here is the parting shot for all: work all muscle groups at least two days a week, plus add to it 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week— and then live longer!

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