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More room at work: Tips to maximise the potential of office space

More room at work: Tips to maximise the potential of office space

The pandemic and the newfound hybrid work model may have cut back on-site working hours. But office spaces can still use all the help they can get because crucial tasks at strange hours always present challenges. A space that accommodates everyone's requirements is a mammoth task in itself.

While office spaces aim to be utilitarian, they are supposed to be a stimulus for development. A cleverly planned and attractive workspace is in the favour of employee productivity. Founder and CEO of Flipspaces Kunal Sharma does not recommend a drab and dark office.

Flexible layout

People love flexibility and it is slowly becoming the norm for everything work-related. Why not apply that to office interiors as well? With hybrid workspaces and work from home, a flexible layout that is in sync with employees can do wonders. People no longer want to stay glued to their desks for eight hours a day. They want a scope for recreation. Rigid layouts are out. Free-standing office dividers, movable screens, and open floor plans are in. Employees should also have some option to move around and feel comfortable when they are working on tough projects.

Movable and multifunctional furniture

Furniture might be the most important part of your office space. They can enhance the atmosphere when needed along with keeping people comfortable. Experts recommend movable furniture over traditional fixed structures. Ergonomic chairs are on top of the list. These will also create more space within the office. You can also change the look and purpose of a specific section without struggling. Multifunctional furniture is known for leaving more room. Make sure every desk has storage and electrical support.

Be smart with lighting

Lighting is key for designing commercial interiors because it directly influences the mood of the room and affects the performance of employees. A well-lit office keeps people awake and comfortable. Dim and dull rooms prompt people to slack around and be unproductive. You can use LED downlighting to brighten up the office. Using glass to bounce artificial light will brighten the space more. However, pay attention to natural light as well so that your employees do not feel they are sitting in a corporate dungeon. They should feel connected to the outside world as well.

Aesthetic common areas

Common areas might be the heart of your office because that's where people can relax without the burden of work. They deserve to be treated as comfortable spots that can make people feel welcome. Choose refreshing aesthetics for common areas irrespective of the size of your office. This can be a section for people to have informal meetings, have food, and recharge their minds before returning to their desks.

Build privacy pods

No one enjoys sharing their space with a bunch of other people for eight hours a day. This can even be distracting when a task demands more focus and dedication. Privacy pods are enclosed environments that keep people away from the noise and distractions of their desks. People can use them when they need to focus, make phone calls, read, lactate, or even meditate.

Create dedicated zones

Dividing the office space into different zones as per the purpose they serve will create a workflow. Employees can use these areas apart from their desks and cabins to collaborate with their peers. These zones can be based on different projects or clients. This will enhance the spirit of collaboration and performance. You can also have zones designed for relaxing, meditating, having food, and holding client meetings.

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