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Heavy bombardment reported in Jabalia refugee camp as Israel expands operations

Heavy bombardment reported in Jabalia refugee camp as Israel expands operations

Israeli bombardment has intensified, particularly in the largest refugee camp, Jabalia, following the IDF's announcement of an expansion of its operations in the Gaza Strip, targeting additional neighborhoods in its pursuit of Hamas and its infrastructure.

Reports indicate that more than 80 people lost their lives in twin strikes in Jabalia, including a UN school serving as a shelter for displaced individuals. Disturbing images shared on social media depict the aftermath, with bodies covered in blood and dust amid overturned mattresses and school tables.

Jabalia remains a focal point for the Israeli military, which asserts its mission to target Hamas fighters.

The situation has drawn condemnation from UN rights chief Volker Turk, who described the purported strike on the school as "horrifying." He expressed disbelief at the unfolding events in Gaza over the past 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the conflict has extended to the Indonesian hospital near Jabalia, with reports of heavy fighting and shelling. Medical worker Marwan Abdallah reported visible Israeli tanks from the hospital windows, creating a terrifying atmosphere for women, children, and staff.

The hospital has reportedly received numerous casualties from overnight airstrikes and shelling, raising concerns about a potential siege and forced evacuation.

Al Jazeera reported an attack on the Indonesian hospital, quoting health ministry officials in Gaza stating a death toll of 12, including doctors and patients. The spokesperson for the Hamas-run health ministry, Ashraf al-Qudra, described the situation as "catastrophic," claiming around 700 people, including medical staff and the injured, were inside the hospital.

Amid the escalating crisis, more than 100 evacuees from Gaza are set to arrive in Turkey, seeking refuge and medical treatment. This includes dozens of individuals who will receive medical care in Turkey, with Ankara expressing its commitment to assisting nearly 1,000 cancer patients from Gaza. The first batch of 27 patients arrived in Ankara last week.

Simultaneously, a group of 87 people, comprising Turks, Turkish Cypriots, and their relatives, arrived in Egypt from Gaza. They are scheduled to fly to Istanbul, emphasizing the international impact of the conflict.

As the situation unfolds, the world watches with increasing concern, urging diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and prevent further loss of life in the region.

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