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Israel will kill us, whether we resist it or not, sacrifices needed for liberation: Hamas leader Khaled Mashal

Israel will kill us, whether we resist it or not, sacrifices needed for liberation: Hamas leader Khaled Mashal

In a recent interview with Al-Arabiya, former Hamas political leader Khaled Mashal defended the group's Oct. 7 attack on Israel, acknowledging awareness of its ramifications.

Mashal praised the attack as "legitimate resistance" against Israeli occupation, despite host Rasha Nabil challenging him on the group's actions being likened to a "declaration of war" rather than true resistance.

Nabil pressed Mashal on the expected sympathy for the Palestinian cause, citing comparisons between Hamas and Daesh in Western media. She questioned how the group could justify its actions leading to the deaths of nearly 1,400 Israelis, highlighting the responsibility Hamas holds for the "great human tragedy" in Gaza.

Mashal admitted to anticipating the Israeli military response but justified the sacrifices, drawing parallels with historical struggles such as the Soviet Union in World War II, the Vietnamese war with the US, Afghan resistance, and the Algerian battle for independence. He insisted that liberation required sacrifices, claiming, "Israel will kill us, whether we resist it or not."

When confronted about civilian casualties, Mashal asserted that Hamas focused its resistance on occupation forces and soldiers, disclaiming responsibility for civilian deaths. He rejected the need for apologies, stating, "Apologies should be demanded from Israel."

Mashal called on Egyptian leaders to support Hamas and expressed gratitude to those standing by Palestinians, mentioning Hezbollah in Lebanon. When questioned about involving nations not participating in the decision to attack Israel, he argued that people under occupation have a natural right to resist without the need for external approval.

Mashal expressed a desire to use hostages taken in the Oct. 7 attack to secure the release of Palestinians from Israeli prisons, emphasizing the goal of freeing "our sons and daughters from all factions."

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