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Jordan's Queen asks, how many Palestinian deaths needed to awaken global conscience?

Jordans Queen asks, how many Palestinian deaths needed to awaken global conscience?

Amman: Queen Rania of Jordan questioned the morality of countries opposing a ceasefire in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, asking how many more deaths it would take for the global conscience to awaken to the plight of the Palestinians.

She insisted on the need to address the root causes of the conflict, pointing to Israel's illegal occupation, routine human rights abuses, illegal settlements, and disregard for UN resolutions and international law, instead of justifying Israeli killings in the name of suppressing Hamas.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Becky Anderson, Queen Rania responded to the recent rejection of a ceasefire by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken while in Amman and argued that those opposing such a truce are essentially endorsing the loss of civilian lives.

Addressing concerns that a ceasefire could empower Hamas, Queen Rania argued that dismissing the death toll and justifying the loss of thousands of civilian lives is morally reprehensible.

Queen Rania expressed deep concern over the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza, highlighting the alarming statistics, revealing nearly 10,000 deaths in Gaza since the conflict began, with almost half of them being children.

Drawing attention to the dire conditions in Gaza, Queen Rania denounced the use of the acronym W.C.N.S.F., representing "Wounded Child with No Surviving Family," emphasizing the tragic reality faced by many children in the region.

Regarding Israel's evacuation orders, Queen Rania questioned their true intent, suggesting that they may be more for international legitimacy than the actual protection of Gaza civilians. She criticized the forced displacement of 1.1 million people and highlighted the vulnerability of the so-called 'safe zones,' which have also come under attack.

In response to rising bigotry in the United States against both Jewish and Muslim communities, Queen Rania unequivocally condemned antisemitism and Islamophobia. She emphasized the historical context of peaceful coexistence between the two communities, attributing the current tensions to political rather than religious factors.

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