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Power cuts claim lives of 24 patients over past 48 hours amid Israel hospital raids in Gaza

Power cuts claim lives of 24 patients over past 48 hours amid Israel hospital raids in Gaza

More than 20 patients have lost their lives at Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital in the last two days amid ongoing Israeli forces' raids on the facility. The hospital, already grappling with a fuel shortage, has been plunged into darkness, rendering vital medical equipment inoperative.

The power cuts have claimed the lives of 24 patients over the past 48 hours, as confirmed by the Palestinian health ministry.

The Israeli forces, in their ground offensive in northern Gaza, have focused on al-Shifa Hospital, alleging that Hamas fighters are using a tunnel complex beneath it for staging attacks.

Despite denials from both Hamas and hospital officials, the raids persist, leaving the medical facility in disarray. Israel claims to have found a vehicle with a large cache of weapons and an underground structure they label a "Hamas tunnel shaft."

The dire situation is not confined to the hospital alone. Gaza is now facing the looming threat of starvation and disease as aid deliveries have been halted due to a lack of fuel and a communications blackout. Humanitarian agencies warn that civilians in the enclave are at the "immediate possibility of starvation," with disease spreading rapidly. The World Health Organization has sounded the alarm about the deteriorating health conditions.

Aid deliveries, a lifeline for the hungry and homeless Palestinians, have been suspended as Israel continues to restrict fuel supplies. While some aid manages to cross into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, the minimal fuel allowed is hampering distribution efforts. The halt in humanitarian supplies is exacerbating the suffering of the population as Israel's war persists.

In response to the crisis, Israel's war cabinet has agreed to allow two fuel trucks per day into Gaza for UN needs. The fuel is intended to provide minimal support for essential services such as water, sewerage, and sanitation systems to prevent pandemics. However, the situation remains grim, with no cross-border aid operation on Friday due to fuel shortages and a communications shutdown.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) highlights the desperate need for food assistance, emphasizing that nearly the entire population is in dire straits. The international community watches with growing concern as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, and efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people face numerous challenges.

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