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Combat Field challenges and electronic adventures attract visitors to Riyadh Season 2021
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'Combat Field' challenges and electronic adventures attract visitors to Riyadh Season 2021


Riyadh: Combat Field, one of the 14 zones of Riyadh Season 2021 which was kicked off on October 23 continues to attract fans of combat games, electronic events with live-action games, adventures, and events,

The zone offers various challenges that reflect the extent of the entertainment diversity in the zone's various activities and games. The games in the zone include paintball, battlefields, and escape rooms. Visitors can also expect firearm stores, galleries of old-time guns, and many events.

According to the Riyadh Season website, Combat Field is a "journey through history." "Starting at the medieval village where you'll fight the old-fashioned way! Pass by the wild frontier to have a taste of the real cowboys' life," the website added.

Visitors can learn more "about guns and weapons used to win battles," at Baroud, a gallery of old guns. Combat Field also includes a tech zone, with robot battles and virtual reality fights, according to event organizers.

At Combat Field you'll live through the action of history, and much more," the website added.

The activities in Combat Field are divided into six main locations: the military area designated to host war tanks, shooting with air guns, paintball fields, rage cage, flight simulation as the area of the fire line is dedicated to shooting fields with live ammunition and dishes shooting fields.

The area contains a village dedicated to medieval activities, including axes and archery games, and escape the prison game, in addition to the Baroud area which includes a warrior's resting tent, a falcon trainer, a miniature horse stable and workshops for children. It also contains Tech Zone, for technical games.

Visitors flock daily with family and youth groups to the zone, where they are received by the main show, which is an attraction at the entrances, as it simulates live combats between two teams, enhanced with effects that increase its realism through the setting of fires and the sounds of falling debris.

An African music band in military uniforms roams around the zone to present a military parade and acrobatic formations, surrounded by visitors to document the moment throughout the show, while group games, especially combat zone games and puzzles, attract large crowds to the zone.

The atmosphere of the zone was created with realistic appearances, which made walking around it more like wandering in a military area with a variety of weapons and activities.

The Combat Field activities also enhanced their realism through the spread of characters representing various global environments and regions, including those representing the American West, in addition to infantry soldiers, pilots and other military people.

Combat simulation and sensor technology in the games represent one of the most prominent experiences offered by the zone for the first time, which led to the flock of combat teams to some sub-zones of the zone to participate in its exceptional activities.

Combat Field includes many activities, spread over 6 main sub-zones, with an area of 310,000 square meters, and a daily capacity of 44,000 visitors. There are also 12,000 car parks for visitors, in addition to 600 spaces for people with disabilities.

The zone area also includes a weapons museum, 5 exhibitions for the sale of ammunition, weapons and accessories, as well as live shows of fighting robots, in addition to presentations of dangerous scenes of live combat between two parties, through a group of world-class professional performers in an atmosphere full of excitement, suspense and adventure.

The area also contains a number of distinctive elements, including the "Battle Park", which is the largest centre for entertainment battle experiences in the Middle East, with 16 battlefields, where visitors can experience combat entertainment closer to reality.

The elements of "Battle Park" consist of several global combat games, most notably the "I Battle" game, whose atmosphere and details were inspired by the most famous international video games, as it includes 12 stadiums that simulate the atmosphere of real wars and weapons that conform to the standards used in the military industry in terms of high accuracy, weight, shape and texture.

The total area of the Combat Field area situated in Janadriyah northeast of the capital, Riyadh, is about 310,000 square meters, while its capacity is estimated at 44,000 visitors, for whom 12,000 public parking spaces are allocated, and 600 parking spaces for people with disabilities. The Combat Field area opens its doors to visitors daily from 5:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

The zone allows visitors to go back to the Middle Ages through virtual time travel, and live out challenges in the cowboy areas in the middle of the Western countryside, in addition to learning about the history and development of weapons over years.

The minimum entry age for this zone is 12 years, with entry tickets costing 55 riyals ($14.66) on weekdays and 110 riyals ($29.32) on weekends.

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